Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aren't I on Gods GPU? Or Is This A Reversal Of Fortune?

Sometimes we have to listen to that inner voice. Pay attention to the signs. Don't force the issue. I have been trying to get to the West Coast to see my boys for the last month. I have been faced with some challenges. I could have reacted to these "reversals of fortune" in a way that forces the events to be different. Took over and did things my way. Or I could have questioned God,"aren't I on your GPU"? If I were 20 years younger, not knowing God like I know him now,would have done some really silly things by now. Heres the point. I know and I know with FAITH that there's a reason and I do not ask why. I ask why not? And my answer is God got this. He would never leave me or forsake me. Heck tornados have been touching down with three funnel clouds at a time. Gas prices have sky rocketed. Fires, Storms, Financial Institutes cheating people out of their life long dreams. The only job openings bring in an income at poverty level. Earthquakes, Tsunamis. Nuclear plants imploding. Doctors making mistakes. War. No I am not questioning anything at this point. I am praying this prayer,Isaiah 40:31 Lord I am waiting on you to renew my strength; that I will mount up with wings as an eagle, that I will run, and not be weary; and that I will walk, and not be faint. Lord I have nothing but everlasting faith in you. Gods time is not our time. God I know with conviction, you have me. No Doubt!

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  1. Daybreak Saturday in storm-ravaged St. Louis gave workers at its closed airport an opportunity to survey significant damage from an apparent tornado that rocked and moved airplanes. I do not question God at all.