Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do Not Give Power To The Negative

One of my "mantras" is, I will not feed into, nor will I speak power into negativeness. This takes discipline. And yes I am human:I do fall down but I get up. Back in the day there was a black general from north africa who was told that he could not win a war with the Romans on their turf. That it was impossible to cross through the mountains in the dead of winter."Yeah Right"said Hannibal. No, was not an option to this brilliant general. He assembled his army, explained his strategy and kept it moving with out any doubt. Hannibal used elephants to cross the mountains, something the enemy had never heard of. It had never been done before.He totally surprised his men and the enemy. He won that battle because he had no doubt. He did not pay attention to negativity. We must think this way when it comes to our daily lives. Nothing is impossible. You can achieve anything you want to achieve. Dream your Dream. Execute your Dream. Live your Dream. Ask God for your Dream. Pray this prayer when doubt or negativity presents itself.Mark 11:22-24 Lord help me to believe your word when you say; What things that I desire, when I pray I believe that I will receive them,and I shall have them. I say this with conviction and belief in my heart O Lord my God.
*Mantra: prayer repeated in a quiet voice.

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