Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dual Survival:Faith in Self & God

I find myself often times regressing, I call it my "whoas me syndrome". I tend to get depressed,(yes I said it, depressed). I get "evil"and snap at people. Yes, I do experience these things as I am sure many of you have. Here is the difference: when I notice this, I quickly grab my self defeat and I run to the nearest empty,quiet room. I drop to my knees and I say "God forgive me". Help me to rise above this. I pray this prayer, Psalms 125:1 I trust in you lord and as the mountain at Mt. Zion,which cannot be removed. So is my trust in you.So is my faith in you God along with faith in myself. That Lord with your help, I continue this dual survival. Me, You and faith. I shall send out peace and understanding from my heart. Amen

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  1. Its a constant battle staying on track for me and I find myself constantly on my knees apologizing asking for strength and direction .The harder I pursue God the more help I see I need..Thanks for sharing mom have a good day sorry so long.