Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Am Not Finished Yet

Whoa! I laid my head down some where around mid-night. Wow! I find myself up at 4:17A.M. with Gods word on my heart. This is a special and symbolic day for many Christians. Over three thousand years ago, the man God sent to this earth to teach and save mankind died and rose(1Cor15:1-58).It was his life for ours. But Jesus said, I am not finished yet. He came back in spirit. He still had more to say. You know I speak with my sons almost everyday. I live on the East coast and they and their families on the West coast. We have this connection. There will be times when I pick up the phone to call and they will say, "Mom I was just about to call you, you must have ESP" No, it is a spiritual connection. Inner voice. We often times subdue that inner voice. I do not. My inner voice is God driven. Same strong feeling Jesus had to continue teaching. Imagine this conversation, "Father I still had more to say, I am not finished yet". "I did not tell Peter how & where to continue spreading the word." " Dang I should have told my mom and my brothers I loved them again". Jesus was given that chance again by rising this Easter Morning. He was able to spend a spirit filled forty days finishing what he started. I say this prayer today in celebration of spirit. Of following that inner voice; John 16:13 God when you come please come in the spirit of truth. And please guide me into all truth so that I may hear your inner voice and follow it with joy. I know you are not finished with your word yet! Amen.

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