Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paint A Pretty Smile Each Day

Put a smile on your face everyday. A smile works muscles in your face that keep you looking young. A smile on your face makes you approachable. A smile on your face shows others that you care. A smile on your face will bring a smile back to you. While you are driving to work today or working out at the gym, practice smiling. You will be amazed at the result. A smile lifts you and everyone around you up. "Paint a pretty smile each day,cause loving is a blessing." Never let it fade away, it's all about love" Lyrics from EWF. When you feel low and you do not want to smile on the outside. Begin by smiling from the inside with this prayer, Psalms 17:7-8 Lord show me your wonderful loving kindness, for you have saved me with your right hand. I put my trust in you to keep me from those that rise up against me. Lord keep me as the apple of your eye. Keep me under the shadow of your wing. Lord Teach me to smile from within.

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