Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Story Of Faith To The Tenth Power

You know back in the day, specifically the day in which God spoke directly to the people. This would be the old testament of the bible. I am all inspired today by the book of JOB,pronounced(Jobe). I am going to diversify here and use a bit of modern terminology,if you will, so bear with me a little.

On this day we find life good for a man named Job, he had a large family, nice house. He had a lot of livestock, land as far as your eyes could see. He felt great, successful by the days standards. "What more could a man ask for?" He did all the right things including believing in God.

God was proud of Job and had faith in him, so much so that he placed a "bet " with "that cat" the devil. Let me tell you how it went down. God and his boys(angels) were just kickin' it when they were approached by Bro' Diablo, They are all looking down from the heavens at everybody smiling and very satisfied that the chosen were provided for, and had plenty of confidence in the believers. Well Bro' Diablo says to God, " I bet that dude down there, what's his name ? " Oh yeah Job" I will bet God, if I throw a couple tragedies his way, he would renounce your name. He would lose complete faith in you". God said, " No man get on with it, Job is my man, he wouldn't do that." Satan left that day smirking to himself. Next day God and his boys were kickin' it again. Here comes Bro Diablo with his game face on, and says to God " Man I know he would denounce you, what you afraid? God said listen Diablo you go on and try, the only rule is you cannot kill him. It was on and crackin' then. Jobs world started falling apart. Sheep caught on fire in the field, Some crazy people wielding swords killed all the cattle. Job is stricken by nasty, painful boils all over his body. He gets real sick. He looses everything within a matter of months, including his family. He never through all of this lost faith in God . And in the end after all of the awful things Diablo did to Job his faith in God made God so proud. God praised Job and gave him far more then he had lost. God told Diablo this man never lost his faith. That sent Diablo scurrying to the darkness from whence he came. Do you feel this way sometime? Yes life can be difficult, but faith in God is our strength. He is by our sides. Lift his glorious name no matter how hard it gets. Stay Faithful.

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