Monday, May 2, 2011

Bare Your Soul

Are you brave enough to bare your soul? I watched a television show last night that I thought was so amazing. In it a mother and daughter take a trip down memory lane. They revisit a place that was so painful to them both. This part of the journey took a young mother, her small daughters to a place in which they relived the running for their lives from a very abusive night. The mother had gotten brutally beat. The family ran to a motel with the clothes on their backs and no money. The mother was so visibly shaken, she almost went into a panic attach. Her daughter was in the mist of telling her mother what that night did to her when the mother asked the driver to pull over she wanted to get something to eat. The daughter got very upset. She felt that her mother was invalidating her pain. I think this took such bravery to bare this on television for many to see. I also commend them trying to heal each other. This is reality life. Have you the fortitude to bare you soul. God is listening. He although you may not feel it, and you may be questioning why? He is still there. Call on the Lord. One of the requirements God has is to love him unconditionally. To call on him, when your soul is in pain. Just lift your hands up and say, "God I know you have this, 'cause I cannot take anymore"Pray this prayer, Psalms 64:1-10 it begins with Hear my voice God, I am praying. Preserve my life from fear of the enemy. Start there. Read it through. And know the spirit of God is there when you want to bare your soul.

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