Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can I Get A Do Over?

Many Many times mistakes are made by us. We are human. We do occasionally miss the stake. God engineered a plan for us. Jesus. Jesus grew up like most children. He had to do chores around the house. He watched and learned his fathers trade, You know the typical things a young child should do.It is also said, that Jesus as a boy, did some mischievous things as wellx10. Such as turning clay birds,into real birds. Hurting a boy real bad for just bumping into him,the boy died. He got real mad at another kid for spilling the water he had just pulled out of the well, Beat him up real bad. The neighbors started telling Jesus parents about some of the things he was doing. Jesus got mad, at them and blinded them. God said,"HOLD ON SON, your talent was not given for you to do harm No Sir." "I am going to forgive you, and give you a Do Over". I want you to get your act together go into that temple in town, preach a sermon on redemption. Jesus obeyed this and at the age of 12 went to the temple and did what God had asked him to do. He was good after that. In life we have the same opportunities. Redeem ourselves. We just need to ask God for forgiveness. Pray this prayer Ephesians 1:7 Lord in you we have redemption through the blood of Jesus. Please forgive us of our sins.We ask this in your name in accordance to the riches of your grace.Amen
Note:These stories were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls Book of Thomas, which were found in the 1900's in Egypt.

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