Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dynamics Of God

I awoke this morning fully rested. Fully armed with blessings to give. Fully thankful. God is so good. I often go to bed thinking have I done enough for mankind? God is always there for us, always giving, forgiving and interceding. These are the Dynamics Of God. There are some who just wander through life. They are known as the lost. There are those who have chosen a different name for their higher source, but recognize that if it weren't for their named higher source there would be no life. So recognize. Be eternally grateful. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Yes I said it love your self. Pray every day. You can speak to God one on one. Mono y Mono. It does not have to be a prayer or quote from the bible. Just let it be you. May God show you his Dynamic today and everyday.

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