Friday, May 6, 2011

Everyday Should Be Mothers Day

We give homage to our mothers on this Sunday. A very wonderful day indeed. A little interjection here. There are fathers who have done a darn good job raising their families as well. I know that fathers have their day set aside in June. I think there should be a Parents Day. It takes both along with a village to raise a child. We need to keep that in mind. Showing respect for our children isn't a rule breaker. With proper use it(respect) is a winner for parent and child. There isn't a book written yet, that has all the mother, father and child rules in them. The key to raising our children is to give them the best that we can. Help them know right from wrong. Give them strength in character. Lift them up spiritually. One of the amazing things to watch is a Condor Vulture teaching their young how to ride the thermo up drafts. This carries this large bird through the air without having to flap their wings. Until the young vulture is ready for adulthood, his wing color is all brown. When the condor reaches full adulthood, their feathers take on a majestic black and white combination. Black being the dominate feather color. White running across their backs from wing span to wing span. This bird has very strong feathers. We can teach our children how to ride those updrafts. With Gods help we can lead our children through the rite of passage so that their wings become majestic and they can leave the nest with confidence. Father let me be that guide as you are to me, for my children. Amen

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