Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Know Ones Purpose

I never realized how blessed I was in knowing my purpose here on this earth. God has been with me from the beginning. And is still with me now. I often think of this song that Mr. Lionel Richie sang. The song is called Just To Be Close To You. This particular lyric sticks out. I was a lonely man,a man with no purpose, a man with no value. No one to love me but me. You see when God is in your life, you become purpose driven. You are lead down the path with light. God Loves You. There are no questions. Your steps are ordered and you follow. Sometime we question too much. Faith,Trust,Understanding come with study. Study of oneself. Study of your fellow men. And most of all study of God.Psalms 77:6 I meditate within my heart and my spirit to make a diligent search for you my lord. Pray this heart opening statement. God will do the rest. He knows the desires of your heart. He will guide you to your purpose.

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