Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming Home

There is no substitute for this feeling. Coming home. A mother or father coming home to his or her family after long hard day of work. A soldier from deployment. A person who has been away, be it school or incarceration. Or after being away on a well deserved vacation. No,there is nothing like coming home. It's the physical things that take place that bring the most comfort. The smell,the look. The smiles, hugs and kisses from family. The feeling of Ah....or Whew.... or "Thank You Lord For Getting Me Here Safely." We all look forward to coming home. Home is where the heart is. God provides a spiritual home to all who ask. Pray this prayer when seeking a spiritual home.Isaiah 49:13 Lord I shout for joy,and thank you for the heavens. I rejoice, when I look at your earth, I burst into song for the mountains. For you LORD comfort the people and will have compassion on all who are in need. Thank You for the comfort of your home. Amen!

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