Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Time Is Now

In my travels I have seen lots of faces. Some have sad eyes. Some have move over I am in a hurry eyes. Some have happy eyes. Some have confused eyes. I enjoy conversing with the ones with happy eyes. It is said that the eyes are the key to the soul. I firmly believe this to be true. I met a wonderful lady yesterday in the airport, she had happy eyes. After speaking with her she and I agreed on the love of God. And that we were both givers. And what made me smile the most was that she was so open. She shared a story. She had been a bus driver for a rural town in the south for many years. And all the children each year wanted to ride her bus. She smiled each day,hugged the children and had a happy bus. The school principle called her in the office and told her that the law said she had to stop giving hugs. She stopped driving the bus. She couldn't go on without showing her love to those children. Long story short. The children insisted that she be reinstated and through the request of the parents she was allowed to return to her passion. She loved those children and they her. She continued to give hugs until she retired last year. The time is now people. There are many out there who need hugs. Love your fellow man today not tomorrow. God gives out hugs everyday. Can you?

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