Friday, June 17, 2011

Where Do The Answers Lie?

I am a fan of The History and National Geographic channels. Why? You say. These channels always provide interesting answers to the "why" or "how". Why is there so much water on earth? What is gravity? How and why did these huge animals called dinosaurs disappear? Why is there so many natural disasters in our time? How were the states formed? How were the huge pyramids made? These are some examples of the questions these channels attempt to answer. Notice I say attempt. And yes, science tries to explain away or solve these questions and more. I am also a fan of my most high God and I look to my Bible for answers. The Bible has a wealth of historic fact. The Bible has stories of man and his behavior dating back over 3000 years. When it comes to the soul. When it comes to faith. When it comes to right and wrong. None of these channels hold the answer. No,the History,and National Geographic channels are entertaining but pales in comparison to my Bible. Pray this prayer of faith. Lord I know your presence is unseen. You don't have a visual channel, Lord you have a spiritual channel and I am with you. Show me your way O Lord. For you are my wisdom,my guide and my protection each and every day. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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