Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Genetically Altered

I received my inspiration today as I was cutting my fruit up for breakfast. The first thing I noticed was the firmness of the fruit. The second thing I noticed was the smallness of the fruit( not to full size). The third thing I noticed was the absence of fragrance. I then thought about my trip to California this past May. I visited a very vibrant part of California which had crops of fruit & vegetables for miles. I could smell the fresh strawberries in the fields. I could see the pistachio trees blowing in the wind. When visiting the grocery stores in the area the fruit was so fresh and as advertised locally grown. So in my thinking today I came to the conclusion that the fruit I was preparing today had to be genetically altered to survive the travel from the fields to the store shelves so far away. We have taken away from the true fruit. We have forgotten to let the fruit ripen naturally . We have forgotten that our sense of smell lets us know that the fruit is ready to be eaten. In life God gives us the tools to become a fruit naturally grown, with sweetness. We have no shelf life. We do not succumb to the genetically altered way of prayer, praise and love of God. Open that bible everyday. Amen

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