Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have I Planted A Seed?

We all have to ask ourselves this question. I am impressed by a program I watched on C-Span giving recognition to people who have provided awareness to society about the laws involving "illegal immigrants"via blogging. I was so out done by a story of a gentleman who had received an award that evening, he was an American citizen, however his dad came from a very poor, poor neighborhood in Turkey. His father desired to go to school, to get an education so that he can better his family. To provide for them so that they would not have to pick olives all their lives. His father studied hard. His family had no electricity or running water. His desire was so strong and studies so prudent he (his father) was able to test for a prominent college in the USA. Free education(scholarship). He brought his family to the US became a citizen and the rest is history. The seed was planted. The desire for embetterment was there. Pray this Lord help me to plant a seed today. Allow me to nurture that seed so that it may grow, and in turn re-seed so that life may be bountiful. Amen

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