Monday, July 18, 2011

They Have Struck Me But I Was Not Hurt

The Devil attacks where he can. He has no knowledge of the future. The devil simply deals with the demons of the past. The temptations of the past. It is our blindness at times that prevents us from seeing this. Proverbs 23:35 says they have struck me but I was not hurt. Call out God's name. His name alone sends the devil running. We tend to get into trouble when we start envying worldly things as well. Proverbs 24:1-2 says Do not be envious of evil men nor desire to be with them, for their hearts are full of evil and their lips talk of trouble making. So when temptation arises and the smooth talk of deception comes in front of you. Look up and say God if this is of you let me know, if not "Satan get thee behind me, God is my strength and my redeemer"Amen.

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