Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Is The Golden Time Of Day

This happens to be a song title to one of my favorite songs. However I would like to break down a meaning that brings the song together with life's events. It is written in the book of Revelations "thrust in your sickle and reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe". Among the worlds degradation God's children have to remain faithful. Do not see the all present. The devil has the stage and he is extending a casting call. Look up. And yes, we are human. We fall down. But God knows our hearts. There were plenty a sinner in the old days. After all God turned a Christian killer into a saint that spread the word of the gospels. That man you ask? Paul. So yes, my friends in the mist of all of this worldly deceit and destruction this is the golden time of day. Keep God First Amen.

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