Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There Is A Need For Love

We go on everyday with our routines. We get on our phones, we talk, we text. We use our electronic tablets to read, watch videos, play games. But how many times do we practice interaction with our fellow man? I am not speaking of those on your job. I am not speaking of the shoe salesman. Or the wait staff at your local eatery. I am speaking of the persons that mean the most to you. The one's who need a hug every now and then. The ones that need to hear "job well done honey" If there was a little more Love spread daily , frustration would go by the wayside. There would be more forgiveness. Disappointment would be easier to swallow. Make it a point to do this daily. Love speaks volumes!May you know the Love of our mighty God each and everyday.Amen

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