Friday, October 7, 2011

Let Me Check Myself

We often wonder through life with burdens of others. With baggage and weight of things we should not be carrying. How many times have you felt so tired after you have finished talking to a family member or a love one? I have. Either they have made you feel guilty about something. Or blamed you for something. Or you just want to do it for them because they just do not get it. Here's what I have to do, believe me this takes a lot of practice. I begin with prayer before I have the encounter. Lord please help me to understand. Let no weapons be formed against me. And Lord let the burdens be released from me to you. Let me not take or give any harmful or vengeful reactions. I try very hard to show empathy and listen to what they are saying through their voice projection and tone. Their body language plays a good part. I then ask myself, does this situation require me to act or is the responsibility theirs? All of these things require me to constantly check myself. So today and everyday ask God for guidance and help with your interactions you will find that the burdens are his and his alone. Amen

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