Saturday, October 22, 2011

Order My Steps In Your Word

Today I must express the words of a song on my heart today. And I will preface this by saying. We often have to feel that humbleness to know what's next. We have to feel that humility in order to know that we are not in control. God is. Those of us who think we are irreproachable, need to know this. Yes we pray everyday. Yes, we may go to church. Yes, we may offer our advise. And yes we may consider ourselves doing the right thing. We get God points for that. But it takes a complete break down of that false sense of "I'm good" to really, and I mean really know who we are, and what God really has in store for us. David in the bible knew he was chosen and blessed. He won battle after battle physically and spiritually all the time. If you follow his bio in the Bible you see that he is broken down, and humbled with much humility time after time. God kept reminding David it was he(God) who ordered his steps. So know that God sees all. He (God) is in charge. And after being humbled ask the Lord to "Order your steps in his word" Lead you guide you everyday. Teach me your will. While you are working let me be still. Amen

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