Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Recognize!!!!Words of Wisdom

Today was an AWESOME DAY!!! We are rolling according to GOD's plan. Thank GOD for the word and how it advises you on what to expect and how to deal with distractions and the unholy, you must stay in constant prayer and faith. Recognize what is going on and realize that it is not about who or what is trying to stop you, but rather why? When you become in tune with your purpose in life, the other dude is not happy and will do anything to distract you, break your spirit, or suggest doubt because he knows something special is about to go down. We must turn internal, become quiet, pray, meditate and get back to work. I am too busy to see what the enemy is doing, from what I heard he is busy trying to figure out a new recipe for my dust. Lets GO! These are words written and testified to by my son. I just had to post this mothers prayer today to show you what mothers prayers do and that the result is amazing to see. Amen

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