Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes There Seems To Be Doubt

That's all the enemy needs is a small miniscule grain of doubt. You see I know first hand, that it is scary to step out on faith. The more you do it(stepping out on faith) the less scary it is. In the bible Jesus' disciples seemed to doubt on so many occasions. They (Jesus & disciples) were out one nice day just kicking it on the fishing boat. Jesus was so relaxed he drifted off to sleep. The guys were fishing, when all of a sudden the wind came up.The boat started rocking and rolling. The guys started panicking.Can you imagine this scene. Peter trying to hold onto the boat. Simon looking like the world was coming to an end. And then it happened, Jesus woke up looked around at these guys, put his hand up and said "be still". The wind subsided,the sky regained it's brightness and Jesus just shook his head at the guys and said "You have so little faith, do you think I would have let any harm come to you? Jesus said, you have to stop with the doubt guys, if you can just trust,have faith and believe that all things are possible through me, you would be so much better off. We need to do the same. Amen?

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