Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stay In Faith

I'm going to tell a story from the bible. But I am going to put an updated spin on it. There was once this guy who you could say lived pretty good. He had an awesome house. Some nice cars. Cool family & friends. Every where that he went, he got his props. Had stocks & bonds. Owned a professional ball team. Went to a mega church.He believed in God and that if it weren't for God he would not have all that he had. Things started going awry after he came down with an illness he could not shake. I mean dude got real sick. So sick that he had to stay in the bed. He could not get any work done. His boys started stealing from him. He lost his ball team. He went into debt trying to find doctors and medicine to cure him. Wifey started dipping and telling her husband "maybe you ought to just end it (his life). Kids went crazy. All the while he kept asking God to please fix this. After some suffering and losing dang near everything. I mean even some from the church came to visit they would say "man if I was you, I'd just give up". He said to all of them that he would never ever lose his faith in God. God heard this and brought the man back to his glory days with more than he had before. The man never lost faith. Amen Story taken from the book of JOB the 18th chapter in the Old Testament.

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