Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are We Up For The Challenge?

Back in the day the middle east experienced a lot of changes. You may find one region full of crops with plenty of water to feed the multitudes and some regions that were in desperate times. Plagued with famine and starvation. Unruliness and sin. Such a place was Samaria. The famine was so bad ungodly things were happening for people to survive. There was one figure who rose above this degradation. His name was Elisha. He was a godly man and he helped the true believers through this horrible time. His challenges came by way of the kings army officers. One challenge stands out in particular. Elisha explains a vision to these soldiers. There will be on tomorrow someone placed at the gates of this city who will have some flour, some wheat and know of where there is plenty more to help feed this starving city. The soldiers response "Look if the Lord would make windows in heaven would this be it?" smiling in mockery. Elisha responded and said"In fact my Lord will let you see this with your own eyes, but you shall not have it for yourselves" meaning you greedy horrible acting people shall not have the gift God is bestowing on these suffering people, no indeed. My point today is that greediness and selfishness will be your demise. God does not like ugly as they say. Be of a giving heart. Cherish the love that you receive. And when challenged take the high road. Do your best and the best will be given to you. Amen This story was taken from the book of Kings 7:1-20.

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