Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do You Feel Discouraged?

I know for a fact that discouragement is a major distraction on the road to your victory. This can be a time of such heaviness. Your physical body feels drained. Your mental state is perplexed. You have darts and daggers coming at you from all ends. It is enough to make that feeling of discouragement overwhelming. Here's my thought on that. You have to believe that these are test set before you, that make you stronger. These test allow you to see and know your strengths. Most give up and fall short of reaching past this deviation. Some forget that there is help. We are not meant to go at this alone. The opposite of discouragement is encouragement. Grab your study guide. It was written over 2000 years ago. It hasn't changed or failed anyone yet. There are so many peaks and valleys in life. The test seem to never stop. But the glory is yours when you continue to pass. Stay encouraged. Surround yourself when those days of discouragement come with the loving truth. Be it the Bible. Be it true friends and love ones who really care for you. Here is a bit of guidance taken from the book of Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good. He is your strength and stronghold in the day of trouble. He knows, recognizes, and has knowledge of, and understands those who take refuge and trust in Him. Trust God he will not steer you wrong.

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