Saturday, November 26, 2011

In The Heat Of The Battle

Matt 6:34 "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. It is not easy for anyone on the inside or outside to control the emotional upswing, especially when we are defending ourselves and pointing out the ugliness of another. That is when the heat rises. Battle seems emanate. When you are passionate about something you defend that passion. When you care about something you defend to the end. The key to this journey is to yes act on it but act in a way that causes no harm. You may need to shout. You may need to scream. You may need to cry. All are built in mechanisms to release the emotion from the inside to the outside. God designed you, he knows what it takes to get there and to get back. It is so important to recognize this. Ask for his help. Just shout Lord help me here. I need you. I am made in your image. You know from where I came. Help me to get to where you want me. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray this now and when ever the battle arises. The enemy has no power over me. You do God. Amen

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