Thursday, November 24, 2011

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

It is never too late to change one's disposition. You may be teetering on the edge of belief. You may go to church and go through the rituals. You may even talk the talk but have yet to walk the walk. Back in the day there was a pretty wealthy dude who collected taxes from the hard working people of the day. His name was Zacchaeus pronounced ZA-KI-US. He had heard that Jesus was coming through his town this day and was curious to see this popular speaker. He had one draw back, he was short and could not see over the large crowd that had gathered. So to get a good look and to hear what this amazing man had to say,Zacchaeus climbed a tree. As Jesus finished his speech, he looked up and said Zacchaeus come down from that tree and let's go to your house because you are preparing dinner for me. Zacchaeus did as he was asked and converted that day from a hated tax collector to a believer. You see he had grown weary of ugliness and saw how the people had something and someone to believe in. Be thankful for change for good. Love thyself. Love God. Amen

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