Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Love Of Their Own

There was an executive who wanted an entourage of four guys to hang, stay high and drunk with him (the exec) all the time day and night. Daniel,Meesh,Shad and Abadago. They went along with it for a while. Until the exec and his boy started noticing that these young cats were starting to look old and undesirable. Daniel said to the head guy,"hey man can we lay off the drink and start eating some fresh veggies and stuff?" the exec and his boy agreed. They got healthy, started praying and helped clean the rest of the crew up. One night the exec had this weird dream, didn't understand it and was going crazy. He called on everybody to help him understand this dream. Daniel stepped up to the plate, explained the dream. The exec was so happy he mandated that everybody in the company partied all the time and could have all the riches they desired. Daniel,Meesh, Shad and Abadago said uh,uh not this time and stayed in prayer.The Exec got mad and insulted. He threw these guys in a hot, steaming sauna thinking they would die of heat exhaustion. They had pleased God by not going along with the rest,and walked out of the sauna unscathed. This changed the exec for ever. He started praying to God and cleaned up his act as well. God is good all the time. Story taken from the book of Daniel 1-4

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