Monday, November 14, 2011

To Be All Inclusive

I returned to my home church after being away for a long while yesterday. I could give 1000 reasons why I hadn't been back,none of them good enough. My day before I went to church was filled with prayer and music. I enjoyed one last song before my preparations for church. "This little light of mine". Great song. Just walking into the church I felt this great and wonderful feeling. Like God was personally welcoming me back. Not only did I feel this throughout the sermon,I felt it when the choir sang,and they sang "This little light of mine". I just said, Wow! Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of your worship today. On my way out of the sanctuary, I passed two of the guest, who had attended services this day. The gentleman was a fellow pastor of our pastors (and was introduced during service) and his wife who was a local celebrity news anchor. I thought it was her when I passed. I wasn't sure. Her face looked familiar. She stood quietly as her husband greeted others. I turned back and said welcome, she was so kind and said no bother at all. Thank you for having me. Just as we finished shaking hands the church photographer snapped a picture. I assumed she just wanted a picture of the reporter, but she (the photographer) said no,I want you too. Another Wow! God just showed me that he wants me and you to feel all inclusive everyday. Jesus said in Luke 17:21 God’s reign is like a banquet for all people, that the kingdom of God is among you.

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