Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Would You Do?

It had to have been extremely tough for the disciples when Jesus died. Imagine having spent the majority of your adult life watching, learning and being shown the most intimate workings of what it takes to be close to God. Imagine working, sleeping and eating with the greatest teacher that you have ever known. How would you react to being told that Matthew 26:30 today yes, tonight before the rooster crows twice you yourself (speaking directly to Peter one of the disciples) will disown me three times? You would think to yourself, I would never do such a thing. Soon after dinner Jesus told one of his disciples go ahead to town and do what you have to do. Long story short, this was the beginning of the end for Jesus. In the early morning hours the Romans came for him. And all of what Jesus said, came to pass. They(the disciples) were so scared they did deny knowing Jesus. What would you have done? Once they made that decision they must have felt a guilt out of this world. But Jesus came to them all in a dream and said I forgive you, God forgives you. Go out and teach the world what I have taught you. May God continue to bless you all. The disciples did just that. Some caught total hell doing so but they were on point and were redeemed for their works. You can do the same. God is a forgiving God he will show mercy, just ask. Stay faithful. And understand that we are human and we do fall short. God understands.

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