Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Many Among Them Shall Fall

During these most complex times, God intends for us to heed his messages. The Bible has them written from over three thousand years ago. If you notice these messages and stories you will see that history repeats itself over and over again. That the trials and tribulations that we see today have been documented in the past. Yes, "technology" is different but the main context of the way civilization has performed then verses now is the same. Greed, vanity,war,famine, natural disasters. All things destructive are common place throughout the world. So yes from the chapter of Isaiah 8:15 God warns the people, that there will be many among them who shall stumble. There will be some that will fall and be broken. Be snared and taken. These are metaphoric examples of the worlds end. However, God gives us all the same chance to believe, receive and continue to do the right thing. With the promise that while here on this earth you can make a change in yourself and for others. No need to fall prey to the ways of the world, not when we have tools to make it better. No one is perfect. God just expects us to do the best we can.

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