Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drop It All And Follow Me

That is what Jesus asked of his disciples. Drop it all, you will need none of your belongings. We have work to do and material things mean nothing with what and whom we have to deal with. That was some of the disciples first act of faith. Can you imagine working day and night reeling in fish nets full of fish, on the boat that you owned having someone ask you to give all of it up and follow me? It happened and these men knew that what they had to do was far more important. They were fisherman. After learning from and guided by Jesus they became the fishers of men. They in turn went out to teach of God's word. And yes, their faith waviered in those learning phases and yes they eventually got it. In today's world how many of us would be willing to do this? Give up what you know. Give up your comfort zone. Moving from one place to another, all the while knowing and trusting God. Knowing and trusting that he (God) has you. Not many would. We tend to get complacent. We except "okay I'll live with it". No God wants glory for you. If you are walking the God's path, he wants to bring goodness to your mind, body and soul. All he ask is that you "come and follow me"

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