Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Would You Know If You Have Never Felt The Pain?

Often times we go through life not wanting to feel the pain. We are good with the great stuff but when it comes to pain we flinch, squirm, and try to avoid it. God could have wired us not to feel the pain. We all could have sailed through life with a smile on our face and not having experienced pain at all. We are suppose to feel the good as well as the bad. Both give us encouragement either to do it again because of it's rewarding nature or to not do it or experience it because it does not feel as good. The later gives incentive to do something else, to change the approach. And to understand that you have to "feel" it. Some one can tell you all day "hey the fire is hot" but until you experience a fire being hot you have no idea how it feels. And yes the fire is avoidable and can be put out by you. That is the important thing. You and your approach. You and your change. You and your out come. With God's help and guidance we can ward off the enemy all day long but we have to experience our trials and tribulations. Think of Jesus in the desert for 40 days and nights. Fasting and doing without to get closer to God for he had mankind to save and needed to experience the doing without. Because without him(Jesus) where would mankind be. He had to feel the "without" that man was experiencing. We all know the enemy was close at hand all the while tempting. Luke 4:2-12 shows you just how much the enemy wants to see you fail. Do no succumb. The test is your FAITH. Do not lose that. Amen

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