Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Not Just My World

I am taken aback today, I get up every morning thanking God for the world that I am in. That is selfish. I should be thankful for each individual for the world that they are in. There are people who have different challenges to meet everyday. The people who deal with cancer or other forms of detrimental diseases. There are children born in a world that we do not fully understand with Autism. Yes, this is not just my world. It is our world. I had a friend who made a very good observation this past Sunday. He said, "I chose to read today, to increase my knowledge, rather then watching a bunch of spoiled narcissistic, franchised football players." This is what we should do, (chose to read, to increase our knowledge). There is so much outside of the me,I (narcissistic) world that we are missing. Jesus died for all mankind. Lift another up out of their world today, they may need that lift because their world is heavy sometimes. Amen

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