Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Tree Is Dead It Has Not Produced Any Fruit

In Luke chapter 13:6-10 There is a man who shows deep concern because his fig tree of three years had not shed any fruit. He told the grounds keeper, I have watched this tree do nothing at all it's just taking up space, cut it down.The grounds keeper said to the man, "Sir I mean no disrespect but do not cut the tree down, let me dig around it, fertilize and water it. I will take good care of it. If after one year it has not grown any fruit we will cut it down. In life we cannot expect to instantly see people do the right thing or know God like we do just because. No the body,mind and soul have to be fertilized, watered and fed. Those of us who have gotten it, must help those that haven't. We cannot cut the trees down because we have not seen the fruit. We have to call on God to give us strength to have the tenacity not to give up. It takes prayer and more prayer. It takes the word of God. It takes life's lessons. No the trees are not dead not in God's garden.

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