Saturday, January 28, 2012

All Of You Will Be Made To Stumble

Imagine living with someone who taught you all  the lessons necessary to teach others  and live correctly as God would want you to. Imagine sitting among the most gracious and merciful man you have ever known. Imagine watching the lost become found at the teachings of this man. Imagine being scared and losing faith as some of the disciples did on several occasions. And then you and your friends are having a great dinner with this wonderful man and he says things like.  Matthew 26:26-27  Take this bread and eat, this represents my  body. Take this cup and drink from it, this represents the blood. Or stranger yet. Matthew 26:20 Assuredly I say to you that one of you will betray me. And oh by the way before  the rooster crows three times today you will all disown me. Matthew 26:75 Imagine this heavy stuff being laid on you. It happened on Jesus last night on this earth. He could have saved himself oh yes he had the power to. That was not his purpose. He died to save our souls. To make us think about what it takes to live righteously. To see what the ultimate sacrifice is. We should really think on these things every waking moment of our minuscule lives. We should thank God everyday, and try to follow the rules of life as best we can. Amen

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