Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To What Do We Owe?

In the biblical days the people centered their existence around the rulers of the day. Be it high priest,king, etc. There was no religion per say. There were the believers of God. There were the believers of the priest. Believers in the rulers of the day. Until Jesus came along. He challenged many things. The priest and their rituals. The Roman Empire. Imagine if we had Jesus in our world today?Challenging the rituals, the politics, the treatment of mankind? Healing  the sick. Feeding the masses. He would be labeled a "terrorist" and "eccentric". He would not be considered the saviour of men.  It would be shameful, his treatment.So the question, To What Do We Owe? Should be re-written. To Whom Do We Owe? Jesus died for us. God allowed his son to come, challenge and teach the way to righteousness. Not based on the rulers of the day. Not based on how big your temple, church or synagogue is. Not based on rituals. We need to remember the reason Jesus was brought into our lives and thank God everyday.

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