Friday, March 9, 2012

Do Not Let Iniquities Prevail Against You

This sentence cannot be said enough. What has to be remembered is the enemy wants to keep us as far away from God and what he has to give us as possible. Therefore many obstacles come our way. It is so hard at times to deal with this, especially if we have family issues, car issues, court issues, marriage issues. What Gods law states is that you believe and have faith in him. He will provide and make a way out of no way. If we could just grasp hold of that. Keep it in mind in the heat of battle. Because that is what it is. God's army against you know who's. Stay in faith. I cannot help to think of Zacharias when Gabriel the angel appeared to tell him that his wife will be having a baby. Zacharias doubted the angel. Until his wife told him she was pregnant. The angel came back to Zacharias and said since you doubted God you will not be permitted to speak (mute) until the baby is born. Do not doubt. Stay in faith. Know that mountains can be moved.

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