Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Need Help

One of the things I admire about my daughter in law is her calmness in her teaching of my grandsons. Each one has their own unique and gifted personality. She has explained to the youngest a great lesson that he can take through out the rest of his life. And that life's lesson is instead of getting frustrated when you can't work something out. Reach out and say "I need help".  I watched this take place when big brother showed little brother how to put together some Lego pieces. Imagine the pressure of wanting to do the task perfectly, or just like big brother but you just can't get it. "I need help" is not a failure or submission of being lesser then. It is merely a tool to get to the next phase and remaining humble about doing so. We all can take a lesson here. When life comes down hard. When circumstances seem so unwilling to bend, and you can see no way out. Shout out to God. "God I need help"

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