Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Should We?

There are many who walk amongst us, trying to do the right thing because that's what's suppose to be done.  Many have been brought up in the church and they go through the motions and somehow have managed to get by. Because in their minds it is all good. But the heart is the main source of contentment here. When your heart has been broken, and that hurt has been buried for decades, and you have not visited the real root of the source, you  develop an under current of resentment. And it may be directed at God because that is what the "church" is addressing. Everything including the pomp and circumstance is done in the name of Jesus and God. Here's the real nitty gritty. When Christianity was born, Jewish law included rituals, ceremony's etc, etc. When Jesus came along he adhered to the "laws" but he and his followers broke away from the pomp & circumstance and he preached salvation to everyone minus the other stuff. He preached that suffering is going to happen. He preached that God is a forgiving God. He preached that one must live from the heart. This in order to truly love. So the question of why should we? Should turn to the question of why not? Because in the true end, God will show you what it is all about. There won't have to be anybody standing in a church, synagogue, mosque, temple that won't know who and what the real deal is.
Psalms 37:24 Though he or she may fall, he or she shall not be utterly cast down. The Lord  will hold you up with his hand.

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