Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be Prepared For Battle

There are some who still do not realize that there is literally a battle being waged every minute of the day for our souls. The enemy never rest, in trying to get it(your soul). There are some conquest that are very easy. Most do not understand the importance of being prepared for that battle. It is very necessary to have faith in God no matter how dismal the world looks. Because our God has power. Our God is constantly at work behind the scenes. We must keep our battle plans readily available while God does his work. Helmet of salvation, Shield of faith, The breastplate of righteousness. The sword of the spirit. All of these things in addition to prayer will keep the enemy from winning. Remind God what he has promised you. Call on the angels. There are so many out there willing and ready to be called on. Stay in faith no matter what. Because the battle is not ours it is the Lords.

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