Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Take On Life

I started writing this Blog a little over a year now. I had three main things  aside from God that inspired me to begin placing my heart in and on this forum as you see today. The first was being a mother and living through the experience of bringing life into this world and doing the very best I knew how to keep them (my sons)with it (life). The second was my son who used to see my writings and said mom you need to get this out there. There may be other mothers who could use these words and experiences. My son was very inspirational in setting this up for me. And third, a very good friend who said the same thing my son did. " You should publish your work" hence, the mothers prayer. Each day I do pray and I do place the words of my heart here so that others may say "hey it is not just me". These words are meant to inspire, support and teach. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, fathers, sisters, family. You are inspirational in your child's life and although things may not be perfect, that everlasting God's love will get you through any storm. Believe and receive that.

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