Monday, May 7, 2012

Speak Do Not Be Silent For I Am With You

Acts 18:9-10 One night the Lord said to Paul in a vision "Do not be afraid but speak and do not be silent for I am with you." Can you imagine being known for your treachery towards so many Christians and now you are tasked with teaching them God's way? What a tremendous turn around first of all for Paul who had been Saul. Secondly the pressure to turn the people in foreign lands to the ways of the Lord. Paul most likely had nightmares before he had visions. He had to feel comfortable in his own skin and to have faith that God trusted him to go out to do what he had to do. He could have kept silent and just stayed a faithful man living quietly among the people. But he did not. He received death threats. He was thrown in prison and finally killed for what he believed in. He was not afraid to speak about God and his expectations. In life we must do the same, maybe not on the same scale as Paul. But letting it be known that if not for God's grace and mercy where would you be? God deserves the praise. Amen
Daniel in the Lions Den God's Favor

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