Monday, May 21, 2012

What Sign Do You Show Us That You Do These Things?

This question was asked of Jesus all of the time. When he performed his first miracle, turning water to wine many were astonished.  At the beginning when asked to do something about the shortage, he told his mother they are not ready for me yet. It is not my time. Note: Jesus knew that once he started showing who and what he represented, his life would soon be over.  But his mother knew in her heart that when he did decide to perform this first miracle that it was done to prove a point. Through out the bible you will notice it is always  alluded to that the last was always made first, this is  called the "Great Inversion". When you read of the wine miracle you notice that the host had served all of his wine to his guest. He'd run out. Mary saw the dilemma and asked Jesus to help. Jesus had the disciples fill the clay pots to the rim (symbolized over abundance) with water. Jesus turned the water into wine. When the wine was tasted by the groom, it was noted that this was good wine( symbolizing the goodness and faith in Jesus). Not wine of poorer quality, which was usually given to the guest after they were feeling to good to take notice. The good wine served at this point was not last as was tradition. Again symbolic of of the great inversion. Through Jesus we all will be brought to our rightful place in heaven.

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