Monday, June 11, 2012

The Closing Of Doors

It is so hard sometimes to face "rejection". When something that we really, really wanted and we truly gave it all that we had, should with no doubt be ours. Unfortunately it does not always work out that way. And our human psyche takes it very hard. We consider it a failure. It takes tremendous faith in God to accept that our destiny is in his hands and that he sees the big picture. And that God knows what is behind all doors. What we must come to the conclusion in the matter of "rejection" is that it was not meant to be. There was a reason for this door to remain closed. It takes a lot to realize this. It is not rejection at all, it is protection. God loves us. We need to put our faith and trust in him. No matter what it is.  There is nothing wrong with saying "God this looks bad to me, but in you I put my total faith and trust" I know God that you Got This!

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