Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do Not Think You Are The Only One Who Gets Angry

Psalms 78: 1-72 Talks about how angry God was at the tribes of Jacob and Ephraim. Basically the people of Israel and the surrounding areas with the exception of the Tribe of Judah(David's people). God had given everyone an even playing field. All they had to do was continue to acknowledge God. And know God's laws. Each generation got worst and worst. Worshiping Idols. Being greedy with possessions. They were rebellious. They forgot the commandments. No faith in God. It was a mess. And God got angry, he went" off "as they say. Crops were destroyed. People were attacked by flies, frogs. The first born of every household died. So much was happening the people had to wake up and take notice. God was serious. But after being as angry as he was, God wept and forgave and rebuilt what he had destroyed. He (God) chose David to help rebuild the trust and honor in the people. Teach them to believe in God again. This story shows you that it is something that we all do (get angry). It is how you handle it that is important. Try not to get as angry and hurt as God did, destroying stuff. But know that it is human to feel this way. God regretted what he did and he tried to fix it. The ultimate fix was Jesus dying for all of our sins.

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