Sunday, July 15, 2012

Judge Not That You Be Not Judged

If you read the book of Matthew beginning at chapter 5 and go through 7. You are going to note, that Jesus said pretty much his whole mission and disagreements to the Pharisees in this one of three sermons that he gives throughout his life. As was discerned in church today. God knew all the time what man was going to do, how he was going to handle it and what will become of man. He knew all of this. Man from the beginning turned his back on God. God gave man laws to abide by. He gave them all that they needed to survive. And they still turned away from God. There were 400 years of turmoil before the New Testament picks up from the end of the Old Testament. What the heck was man doing all of this time but digging deeper into a pit. Then the messenger/messiah came. And our souls were saved. And through his blood we continually have the covenant of God upon us. So no do not judge someone else because you are being judged at all times by the most high.

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