Saturday, July 21, 2012

Was It A Crime?

In the book of John you have Jesus in the city of Jerusalem walking around speaking to and healing the sick. On this one particular occasion, he came upon a man laying next to the healing pool called Bethesda. He asked the man why he was lying there and not entering the pool like the others. The man said that he was too weak to move and that many just walk past him as he lay dying. Jesus said to him pick up your bed an walk. The man was made well and he walked. On his way (the man) back to the main city the Jewish priest asked him " hey sir were you just healed on this sabbath day"? The man said yes. The Jewish priest said don't you know that this is against our laws? Who did this to you? The man did not know the name of the man who healed him. That made them so angry. Later on in the day the man was walking around in the "temple" and saw Jesus, and Jesus said to the man"see you have been made well, sin no more or a worse thing will come upon you. The man ran back to the Jewish priest and told them who the man was that healed him. "His name was Jesus" The priest had a vendetta out on Jesus then. Because in their minds Jesus broke the law which was no healing, no working and a bunch of other stuff was not permitted on this day (Sunday). But Jesus said in his defense, My father has been working until now, and I am working now. Boy did that open up a can of worms. How dare he say that he(Jesus) is God? The rest is history. Imagine if we had to follow such strict and ridiculous laws now? Jesus stood up to their hypocritical laws and made it much simpler for the everyday man. Through Jesus Christ we are all saved.
*Reference John 5:5-18

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