Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do Not Be Discouraged Or Disappointed

There was a time when God was both discouraged and disappointed in his creation. I mean think of how many times we have been disappointed in someone. Especially those closest to us. Over the years and this is due in part to me making mistake after mistake. I learned not to set any expectations. This takes practice and patience. That's what God had to do as well. God however put an iron clad guarantee in place to insure that we would be forgiven, saved, and not a disappointment to him ever again. Through Jesus all things are possible. So the next time you find yourself in an upsetting situation remember that the person or persons that you are disappointed in are going about their lives without it bothering them at all. Let it go. Give it to God and keep it moving.

                                                        Chronicles 16:11
Let your search be for the Lord and for his strength; let your hearts ever be turned to him.

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